War Movie Review – An action packed journey of Hrithik and Tiger

Movie – War
Director – Siddharth Anand
Cast – Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana
Rating – ?

It happens once in a blue moon when the audience gets a chance to please their eyes by watching two of the biggest action stars of Bollywood together on a screen. Well, War movie has made this dream of every movie lover possible and this is the chance of the audience to see Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff together on an action-packed thriller film. War movie ever since its release was hyped among the audience less because of masters duo and more because of never seen before action content.

The trailer of the movie itself seems to be the best action based movie Bollywood has ever presented and has already won the hearts of the audience. Many filmmakers are comparing the movie to bigwig Hollywood action flicks but who knows what actually the matter is. In order to decide, whether this weekend, there would be a War or you are good to watch NETFLIX and chill, here is WAR movie review from Moviesavant and I will be also telling you five reasons to watch movie War.

War Movie Review

War Movie Review – Old saw storyline with an intriguing screenplay

The story of War movie has nothing new to offer. This is the story of two supreme officers of Indian intelligent agency Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) and Khalid (Tiger Shroff). Khalid always admires Kabir as his mentor and learned a lot from him. Now the bad off circumstances bring pressure to Khalid to go chase his mentor Kabir who is on a killing spree, putting the member of Indian military to death. The only duty of Khalid is to arrest Kabir and know the reason behind all this chaos.

Now as an audience, if we look at the story, it recollects the memory of Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary for us. However, the things that separate War here from others is its top-notch action sequences and an engrossing screenplay. The film deals in exploring the relationship between Khalid and Kabir that is why the movie drives in flashback most of the time in the first half.

The second half of the movie is all about the chase between the two with the motive of arresting Kabir and knowing the reason why is he doing what is he doing. The climax of the movie comes as a true shock to the audience with twists in a twist.

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Siddharth Anand has done a remarkable job as a director

The first action flick from Siddharth was Bang Bang. Despite getting not so good reviews, the film did great on box office and I quite liked the way he directed the entire movie. In my opinion, the job of the director is to understand the audience and deliver them exactly what they need. Siddharth here does fine job in building the story, hooking the audience to their seat and presenting the larger than life movie with two biggest action superstars of Bollywood.

The locations of the movie are impressive and many of the scenes of the movie will make the audience go berserk. The run time of War is 2 hours and 36 minutes which is quite a long time for a Bollywood movie nowadays but being an action-packed content, it never let the audience get bored even for a minute and this is the winning of the director.

Hrithik and Tiger in War movie

Five main reasons to watch War movie

  1. Pairing up of two biggest action heroes of Bollywood which is a treat to eyes to watch. Both of them has delivered very good performances and shines in every bit.
  2. Over the top acting from Hrithik and even only his entry in the movie is all can be the reason to watch WAR. He is one of the finest actors in Bollywood who rocks as protagonist and antagonist as well.
  3. The best action flicked the Indian audience ever witnessed. War is stupendous and has the power to take your breath away. The director of Saaho should take lessons from Siddharth.
  4. Vaani Kapoor as Naina adds glamour to the story and looks stunning. She does not get much screen space but whenever she comes, your heart goes crazy.
  5. A climax that will blow your mind. If you like watching movies which have lots of twists (logical of course) which end up with unexpected climax then WAR has all of them.

War Movie Review – Final Verdict

The hard work and charm of both the actors can be seen in the movie War and this is not the only reason to make the audience go buy the tickets. War movie has most of the things an action movie should have in a typical Bollywood style and in fact with great execution of the story.

A huge spectacle to talk about and the screen presence of Hrithik and Tiger make War to give a watch and surprisingly a good watch. So, in the end, War is a thrilling offer to the audience with never ever seen before sequences. Do not miss it will be my words. I give War movie three and a half stars.

Celebrities reaction on War movie

The movie War has been released all over the world. Many of the celebrities took to Twitter to share their opinions about the movie War. Here are some of the tweets.

Sonali Bendre Behl @iamsonalibendre
Saw #War last night… what an adrenalin rush! @iHrithik… wow… you are like fine wine which just gets better and better! All the best @iHrithik@iTIGERSHROFF#SiddharthAnand@Vaaniofficial@yrf. This is a must watch

Raj [email protected]
Three words DIRECTION, ACTION & TRACTION!! Direction to another level, Action out of this world this film is just going to get traction traction and more traction!! Sooo Proud of you itssiddharthanand #war a must…

[email protected]
#War is a must watch guys!!! What an entertainer!!! Hrithik @iHrithik & Tiger @iTIGERSHROFF are beyond brilliance & a treat to watch!!! The action..OMG!!!Banging action, brilliant score!!! Kudos to the entire team lead by #SiddharthAnand the director

The advance booking of the movie has already crossed 32+ crores. It seems War is all set to become the biggest opener of 2019. War movie first-day collection is yet to be revealed but anticipation says it will earn somewhere between 40 to 45 crores.

War movie trailer – Watch here

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