Top 10 horror movies of Bollywood – Best Horror Movies of Bollywood

Horror movies have always been a part of experimental cinema in Bollywood because this genre has a separate class of audience to acknowledge. Horror flicks are not everyone’s cup of tea. By looking at past few releases, we can name many good horror movies in Bollywood. However, directors in Bollywood still seldom try their hands in horror movie projects because movies with such genres do not sell like hot cakes in the B-town industry.

If we think about the top 10 horror movies of Bollywood, we may find difficulties in placing the names in our mind because there are only a few. This is because the general impression of the horror style has been destroyed in Indian cinema by the shoddy movies like Band Darwaza, Purani Haveli, etc.

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Such B grade horror movies were hot news in the market in the early ’90s but no one cares about these movies in the current era. Movies directed by Ramsay brothers are funnier than being scary and this is the main reason why the audience stopped believing that making of good horror movies in Bollywood is possible.

Who on earth can be scared by those disgusted facade faces? Not my thing.  This page holds the list of top 10 horror movies of Bollywood. This list does not have the mention of classic movies because I intend to speak about all those movies in another article. So do not feel offended.

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List of Top 10 Horror Movies of Bollywood everyone should watch

The following list is created as per my likings. I have kept my favourite horror movie of Bollywood in the first place. All the movies mentioned below has some sort of uniqueness and a worth watch for every horror movie fans. Check out the list below.

10) Raat (1992)
IMDB Rating – 7.2/10

Plot -Raat is a debut movie of Ram Gopal Verma as a director. This movie is one of Bollywood’s best horror movies ever made. The plot of the movie is as usual – when a family moved into a house, strange things start happening and soon they realize this is something related to paranormal.

This movie was shot in very low budget still it marked its presence and did not end up like other B grade horror movies used to be made in the early ’90s. The narration of the movie is quite interesting and this is where the audience feels connected. No doubt Ram Gopal Verma was the only directory of that time who had the guts to direct horror movies with some good scripts in hand.

The winning of the Raat movie lies in acting of the lead lady and the sound effects which were not so popular in the early ’90s. If you love horror movies, you can’t miss out this one.

9) Horror Story (2013)
IMDB Rating – 4.4/10

Plot –The basic plot of the movie is a group of friends decide to spend a night in a haunted hotel. Initially, they feel this all being a myth and nothing else but soon they realize that they have made a mistake getting into the hotel.

This movie has a good storyline and delivers a praiseworthy horror experience to the audience. Despite having not so good IMDB rating, this movie is one of my favourite horror movies from Bollywood. The performances by all the cast are neither good nor bad.

The plot of a horror story is directly taken from the English flick “Grave Encounters” but what so bad in it.  I recommend this movie to everyone who loves watching horror movies.

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8) Raaz (2002)
IMDB Rating – 6.5/10

Plot – When Ramsay brothers lost their glory in making horror movies, Raaz came as the rescuer for the audience who were yearning for a decent horror movie to watch from a very long period. The story of the movie revolves around a couple whose married life is not going well.

They try to give this relationship one more chance and plan an outing to Ooty where the lady finds herself haunted by an evil spirit. Whatever is happening, answers of everything lies in the past. This movie is a remake of “What Lies Beneath” and we can say this one a pretty good remake.

Vikram Bhatt has directed the movie in depth and with a great cast. Raaz at some points scares the audience by giving some really good jump scares. This movie is a wonderful creation and that is what makes it one of the best horror movies of Bollywood.

7) 1920 (2008)
IMDB Rating – 6.4/10

Plot – No doubt why this movie is the highest grossing Bollywood horror movie. Rajnish Duggal and Adah Sharma were the debutants and gave their best performance in the movie. Set in the era of 1920, the story of the movie is about a husband struggling to save his wife from a demonic spirit.

The inspiration for making 1920 is being taken from the classic movie “The Exorcist.” This was the dream project of Vikram Bhatt and he has worked literally hard for this film. Adah Sharma has acted so well as a possessed lady. From her expressions to her makeup, everything is surprisingly amazing. 1920 is an example of honest Bollywood horror movie presented to the audience without any extra exaggeration.

6) Bhoot (2003)
IMDB Rating – 6.4/10

Plot – Ram Gopal Verma is known as one of the best horror movie directors of Bollywood. Bhoot was his second horror movie in Bollywood and he got the nerves of the audience from the very first movie of his life. The story of Bhoot is about a married couple moving into an apartment and soon wife started experiencing some unexplained series of events.

Now husband begins his journey to know the truth about the house and save his wife. The background music was the strongest reason for the success of the movie, it spooked the hell out to the audience. This was the first Bollywood movie with no songs in it. This is one of the impressively made horror movies which is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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5) Pari (2018)
IMDB Rating – 6.6/10

Plot – If you love watching horror movies which have a completely different storyline to offer, you are surely going to love this movie. I am not going to tell anything about the plot because it should be watched in that manner but still I can give you a lump sum idea.

Pari is a story about a woman who is not a human. What she is and what she wants is the sole of the movie. Pari movie is directed by Prosit Roy and honestly, he created the exact environment for the horror movie which I die to get into. It is not like a traditional horror movie where a person is possessed by a spirit and then fight to get rid of it.

This has a historical engagement that shows the other side of the story. Do watch this movie and you will fall in love with Pari’s dark, supernatural and non-cliché horror ride.

4) Pizza (2014)
IMDB Rating – 6.2/10

Plot – This is a kind of Pizza not everyone wants to taste. Apart from other horror movies, Pizza delivers a promising story to believe and keep the audience intrigued by the unfolding of every scene. The story of the movie is about a pizza delivery boy whose life turns upside down when he sent to a house which seems unusual and soon he gets to know that this house is haunted.

This movie reveals the story of how the boy gets out of the house and the actual story of that haunted house. Pizza is sure shot a winner in horror genre and delivers its audience a decent watch.

3) Bhool Bhulaiya (2007)
IMDB Rating – 7.3/10

Plot – An NRI and his wife shifted to the ancestral home where inexplicable events start happening. A psychiatrist is called to take a look at the mental health of NRI’s wife. Bhool Bhulaiya is the remake of Malayalam horror movie Manichitrathazhu. This movie is liked by each and every class of audience because this horror flick has everything to offer.

The absolute combination of horror, comedy, and suspense enticed the audience and the movie gained popularity. Priyadarshan usually directs comedy movies, this one was his career’s first horror watch. The movie throughout is entertaining and nowhere lacks.

The acting of all the actors are commendable and especially Akshay Kumar who makes you giggle and Vidya Balan who chills your spines as “Manjulika.”

2) 13B: Fear has a new address (2009)
IMDB Rating – 7.2/10

Plot – Whenever someone asks me to suggest a good horror movie with a sui generis plot, I always have this movie on my lips. Content has always been a king and this movie is the proof. When Bollywood directors were shilly-shallied about making a horror movie in Bollywood, director Vikram K. Kumar came up with this pretty handsome script to sell in 2009.

This is another thing that movie did not do well on box office but a separate class of audience liked it very much and appreciated the efforts. The story of the movie is about a man named Manohar moves to a new apartment with his family being 13B the flat number. The female members of the family spent their time by watching a soap opera “Sab Khairiyat Hai” telecast on TV.

Manohar was shocked to know that TV serial shows the future of the family and major danger is about to come for this family. How would he save his family? How can this even be possible? You will find the answer after addressing the fear of 13B.

1 )  Tumbadd (2018)
IMDB Rating – 8.3/10

Plot – Tumbbad is the highest rated horror movie of Bollywood. I watched this movie in theatres. I was not expecting too much from this movie because honestly, the trailer of the movie did not reveal too much of the story. But to my surprise, Tumbbad blew my mind and definitely left me dumbstruck by its originality and unique plot.

I realized what beauty of cinematography is and how powerful it can be for any movie only after watching this masterpiece. Tumbbad is the only movie of Bollywood from which Hollywood can take lessons.

The perfect blend of mythology and human greed is what makes this exceptional and one of the top horror movies of Bollywood. I feel pity for you if you have not yet watched this one of its kind horror movies.

What makes a good horror movie?

We always rely on Hollywood in expectations of watching a good horror movie because the majority of the audience wants to watch a horror movie with never seen before the storyline. Fortunately, there are directors in the Bollywood industry carrying the understanding of creating movies for true horror fans.

They know the right use of special and sound effects with satisfactory narration. And above all, the feeling of watching a good horror movie in our mother tongue is ineffable. So, we too have the list of best horror movies in Bollywood to sing the praises of. 

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