Top 10 Horror Movies in Hollywood 2019 – Best Horror Movies IMDB Ratings

My list of Top 10 horror movies in Hollywood is going to be different from others because this list does not have movies like “The Shining” and “The Exorcist.” I know these are the movies considered as one of the top 10 horror movies of all time but I am sorry, none of them frightens me.

I am not saying that the movies I have seen are otherworldly but they are not usual either. Now many of you must be wondering how I geared myself and prepared this list of best horror Hollywood movies in the world. So listen, whenever I felt an urge to watch a decent horror movie, I used to search on Google some repeated stuff like top horror movies in the world, best horror movies IMDB list and many like anyone else does.

Top 10 Horror Movies in Hollywood

How I prepared my list of Top 10 Horror movies in Hollywood?

After getting a good list of movies with the highest rating and honest user reviews, I started watching them one by one. You may feel strange if I say this to you but I did not like most of the movies topping the best horror movies IMDB list.

Despite having a good rating and user reviews, some of them fell flat to me and never freaked me out. They never appeared eerie to me that is the reason I did not find them horrifying. I like watching a horror movie in which I can find a good story having a logical and unpredictable ending.

Suppose you have prepared yourself to watch a good horror movie which has been praised by many people out there. You sit in excitement, watch the movie and everything you expected from the movie turned out completely opposite. The story was cliché, no jump scares and above all a dull repetitious ending. How will you feel? You can’t even describe the feeling.

So instead of watching the same old school drama, why not try something exciting. No worries now, you have my list of top 10 horror movies of Hollywood to rely on. I do not know from what age I started liking horror movies, although I can say that I somehow start enjoying them to the fullest. Some of them are far better than I expected and still give me chills while some of them are not worth mentioning.

Now I have collected all the horror movies I have watched till date and assembled them in a list of my top 10 horror movies in Hollywood with IMDB ratings. So that you guys can save your time. Also, this list is created by me and I have liked all the movies on the list however, there must be some of you who may not second me and I am completely okay with it. After all, we cannot please everyone.

To them, please accept my apologies in advance. Here is my list of Top 10 Horror Movies in Hollywood and I hope you like them and end up watching each one from the list.

Top 10 Horror Movies in Hollywood with IMDB Ratings

10) 1408

This movie was released in the year 2007. The director of the movie is Mikael Håfström. The movie is an adaption of Stephen King’s novel with the same name.

IMDB Rating – 6.8/10

Plot – Mike Enslin is a paranormal investigator who writes books evaluating haunted locations. He finds a hot topic for his new book when develops an eye towards a haunted room 1408 in a Dolphin Hotel. Soon he makes his mind to spend a night in that room and investigate it further to know the truth which is responsible for the death of over fifty guests.

He confronts the real terror and haunting once he settles himself in the room. The room started torturing him with mind tricks, ghostly apparitions and what not. Now he wants to leave the room at any cost. Will he be able to do that? Is the room really haunted?

Why this one is in my top list?

I love reading Stephen King’s novel and when this book was adapted as a movie, I could not hold my horses to watch it as soon as possible. The protagonist of the movie Mike Enslin played by John Cusack is phenomenal in his role. I know that you may have seen many movies or TV shows based on a similar theme of spending the night in a haunted place or something.

But 1408 is a different approach than every other flick out there not because it has a good story or a suspenseful climax but because the overall experience of watching the horrifying event unfolding one by one is a powerful sense of unease. 1408 is one of the movies which I highly recommend you and how can you leave this one if you are a fan of Stephen King’s stories.

9) The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 movie. Top 10 horror movies in Hollywood

This movie was released in the year 2016 and is directed by James Wan. Likewise, The Conjuring, this instalment is also based on true case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

IMDB Rating – 7.4/10

Plot – A single mother moves to a new house with their four children. Soon the children start experiencing unusual events which force the mother to seek the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate the case and make a full stop on such occurring. Ed and Lorraine found that it is the spirit of an old man who used to stay in this house before the family and wants this family to leave this house.

But with further investigation, Ed and Lorraine get to know that the spirit of the old man is actually a good spirit who is trying the family to explain the truth about the evil spirit named Valak.

Why this one is in my top 10 list?

This movie is the second instalment of the “The Conjuring” however, the story of the movie has no relation with the previous one. My first reason to watch this movie is James Wan being the director and the second reason is I was thrilled by the first instalment so I expected more chills from this one also.

I do not say that this movie is the best movie in the history of horror Cinema but I would say that this is one of the best works of James Wan. If you love watching Ed and Lorraine Warren working so diligently in order to solve the case, this movie is a one-time watch for you.

8) The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Exorcism of Emily Rose movie. Top 10 horror movies in Hollywood

This movie was released in the year 2005 and is directed by Scott Derrickson. This movie is based on the life of Anneliese Michel.

IMDB Rating – 6.7/10

Plot – A young girl named Emily Rose dies in a couple of days after an exorcism performed on her. A priest who performed the exorcism was blamed for the death of the girl and got arrested as a murder suspect. As the trial goes on, the priest shares the story of Emily rose and all the exorcism performed on her to make her free from all the evil spirits living inside her.

The priest was also be accused of neglectful killing because he suggested Emily to stop the use of medications she was taking. The movie unfolds further and shows the battle of a priest to prove himself innocent. Is the priest actually innocent? What was the reason for Emily Rose death?

Why this one is in my top list?

Before watching “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, I read about the life of Anneliese Michel as much as I could. After knowing all about her, I did not have the courage to watch this movie because I knew it will scare the shit out of me and will haunt me for days as to how the actual story did to me. I was correct. This movie was so scary that I could not sleep a wink the night I watched this movie.

I do not know if you guys will believe me but I used to see some glimpses of the movie scenes even in my dreams. I will suggest this movie only if you are not faint-hearted. There are many scenes in the movie which are enough to give you jump scares. Like the scene where the priest is performing the exorcism at the end of the movie is not like any other exorcism, it is dark and eerie.

7) The Ring

The Ring movie. Top 10 horror movies in Hollywood

The movie was released in the year 2002 and was directed by Gore Verbinski. Let’s see why this movie falls under the basket of best horror movies made to date.

IMDB Rating – 7.1/10

Plot – There is an urban legend about a videotape that anyone who watches it die within a week. Two girls decide to watch this cursed videotape for fun which in result turned out as their worst decision. One of the girls died. The only escape to get rid of the death is to make anyone else watch the video within a week.

When a journalist learned that a videotape is on a killing spree, she starts to investigate. The things turned out nightmarish when she and her son watch the videotape. Now she must race against the time to find the reason behind all this so it could be stopped and she can save herself and her child from dying.

Why this one is in my list?

When the base of the horror movies became showing the gore, the unnecessary blood making you vomit, the ring came in as savior of the genre. The only winning of this movie is its story. Of course, the movie is an adaptation of Japanese movie Ringu but I personally think that the director of the movie has made this one scarier as compared to Ringu with some astounding background sounds and atmosphere.

Good scary scenes and the unforgettable very famous scene where Samara (the ghost of the story) got out of the Television will surely steal your sleep and will haunt you for days. Give this movie a watch, this may turn out the best watch of yours till date.

6) The uninvited

The Uninvited movie. Top 10 horror movies in Hollywood

This movie was released in the year 2009. The movie is directed by Guard brothers, Charles Guard, and Thomas Guard.

IMDB Rating – 6.4/10

Plot – Anna is a girl discharged from the mental hospital earlier being traumatized by the death of her mother. Her father brings her home where she finds out that the former nurse of her mother Rachel is now her stepmom. Later on, Anna starts feeling the paranormal presence in the house and somewhere believes that the ghost is her mother who is trying to tell her about her murder.

Anna suspects that Rachel was behind her mother’s death and she started looking for evidence against Rachel with her sister Alex. But she found her blood ran cold after discovering the truth about her mother’s death.

Why this movie is in top ten horror movielist?

Despite being a less horror and more psychological movie, The Uninvited delivers a fusion of spooky and well-made fear flick. The screenplay of the movie is wonderful and the idea of the director leaving the clues to find out the actual story is what impressed me. In the beginning, the movie takes time to build up the environment but as soon as it does, it holds your nerve and does not let you ignore or yawn in even a single scene.

The director successfully builds the tension by reaching to climax and make your jaw drop. To everyone out there in search of a good horror flick with a sensible and mind-twisting story, give this a try. I am sure you won’t regret.

5) Insidious

Insidious Movie.

This is another movie in the list of top 10 horror movies in Hollywood. It is also directed by James Wan. The movie was released in the year 2010.

IMDB Rating – 6.9/10

Plot – After experiencing something unusual in the attic, a child named Dalton fell into a coma. The parents then decide to look around to get some help. In search of clues, the family finds that the house is somehow haunted and their son has entered into the world of paranormal dimension. They do everything to get their son back which unfolds many shocking twists and past stories about the house they never imagined.

Why this one is in my top list?

Honestly, this is one of the scariest movies of my life. The trailer of the movie seemed like any other movie and without too many expectations, I once decided to watch the movie/ Soon, I found out that this movie is not like any other horror movie, it has many new things to offer. 

The cinematography of a horror movie makes it worth watching. For me, it was a double treat with amazing cinematography with spine chilling music score. There are many jumps scares in the movie that scared that crap out of me. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone out there. Go for Insidious without a doubt.

4) Oculus

Oculus movie. Top 10 horror movies in Hollywood

This movie was released in the year 2013 and is directed by Mike Flanagan who is also the screenplay writer of the movie.

IMDB Rating – 6.5/10

Plot – Two siblings (brother and sister) are terrified with the past events of their childhood where they have seen their father torturing and killing their mother before killing himself. For this family tragedy, they held an evil mirror responsible which was bought by their father in an auction.

Why this one is in my list?

I watched this movie on one of my friend’s recommendation. The rating of the movie was not that impressive but I still gave it a try because the story of the movie Oculus was fresh in notion and approachable. I am glad I watch this solitary piece of art. I was dumbstruck by the ending of the movie and what a screenplay. On that very day, I made the entry of this movie in my top 10 horror movie list.

Hats off to the director who had himself written the screenplay which sticks to the audience till the end. There is no evil apparition anywhere in the movie but has many spine chilling scenes which will give you shiver. Oculus is my personal favorite and I strongly recommend this one to you guys.

3) The Conjuring

The Conjuring movie.

The movie was released in the year 2013 and is directed by James Wan. This movie is based on true case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the very famous paranormal investigators.

IMDB Rating – 7.5/10

Plot – A family moves into a Farmhouse situated in Rhode Island and soon the unexplainable events start unfolding with the members of the family. To investigate the reality of paranormal presence in the house they call the best paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

As soon as they begin their investigation, they get to know that this house is possessed by an evil spirit which has some links with a witch who forced mothers to kill their children by casting a spell to them.

Why this one is in my top ten horror movie list?

The atmosphere of the movie is the biggest plus point here which steals the entire show. This movie freshens the souvenir of older days when the real exorcism was shown in the movie with a very gripping climax. The Conjuring holds exactly the same bottle. Also, my reason to watch this movie is that it was one of the most famous cases from the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

James Wan has done a fantastic job here from managing great camera work to scares, he grasps the nerves of the audience so well. This is one of the movies in the history of horror cinemas which has been loved by everyone, you definitely cannot miss this gem.

2) Dead Silence

Dead Silence Movie. Top 10 horror movies in Hollywood

This movie was released in the year 2007. The movie is directed by very talented and connoisseur in the horror genre “James Wan.”

IMDB Rating – 6.2/10

Plot – When Jamie’s wife die in horrid means after receiving a peculiar doll named Billy in a package, he starts a hunt back to this town Raven’s Fair to find the truth behind the murder of his wife and that mysterious doll. The investigation leads him to know about the ventriloquist Mary Shaw who was the creator of the doll and had died years ago.

After linking all the progressions, he got to believe that ghost of Mary Shaw is the real murderer of his wife but later get to know that there is something more than he expected and it is shocking.

Also Read – Dead Silence Plot Explained (Contains Spoiler)

Why this one is in my list?

First of all the style of this movie is very unique and one of its kind. It caught my attention from the very first scene. No wonder why this movie is on the second number in my top 10 horror movies list. The director successfully builds a plot and let you know more about the world of ventriloquists that too in an interesting manner. When I read the plot summary of the movie, I was full of beans to be spooked by some doll ghost.

Also, the Dead Silence movie keeps you engaged throughout and you will find yourself glued to your seat with every unfolding. The very best part is yet to come and it is a surprising unexpected ending. I bet you would never have seen this coming. Billy doll is not like Chucky, he is far far better than him. Trust me.

1) Shutter

Shutter 2004 movie.

This is a Thai movie which was released in the year 2004 and is directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom. This movie was later remade in the English language with the same name.

IMDB Rating – 7.1/10

Plot – A young photographer Thun and his girlfriend Jane meet with an accident and flee the scene. Soon after the incident, they discover that mysterious figures are appearing on the photographs Thun has clicked. Also, Thun feels regular pain in his shoulders.

When they further investigate, they find that the photograph has a supernatural phantasm. Jane later gets to know that Thun is hiding something from her which has some connections with this supernatural occurring.

Why this movie tops the list?

Despite the language, this movie did not fail to impress me. It has everything I was expecting in an awesome horror movie. An atmosphere, the chills, scary ghost, wonderful story, and a shocking ending. What else do you need to make one count as best in your list?

I still remember that I watched this movie in daylight and I was afraid to go to pee even when the sun is on our head. This movie is actually that splendid. Remember I am talking about the Thai version of Shutter which was released in the year 2004 and not that crappy English remake. Write the name on your list of upcoming watch if you have not watched it yet.

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