5 Reasons to watch TVF Kota Factory – An ode to real Kota Life

Reasons to watch TVF Kota Factory – The Viral Fever aka TVF is one of the best channels available on Youtube offering a variety of shows and comedy videos which are conceptually based and focuses more on presenting facts rather than glamour. This channel is not owned by Karan Johar so yes obvious. Moreover, the audience has started showing interest and is more allured to the web series now instead of watching daily soaps with cliché storylines (I don’t even want to name them). Being connoisseur in the field of web series TVF is back with another fulfilling choice of audience, they have a new show called “Kota Factory.”

We have already seen TVFs shows like Permanent Roommates which focuses on the issue of couples who are in a live-in relationship and afraid to get married, Pitchers which is a Kingpin to introduce knowledge about entrepreneurship in India and Trippling showing the imbalanced relationship between siblings. Now we audience have been handed over Kota Factory to judge what TVF has brought us this time.

Why I love The Viral Fever videos?

TVF never left me unimpressed even with a short video, it always cheered me to the fullest. So when the trailer of this new TVF series dropped on Youtube, it gave me a sight of Biswa Kalyan Rath’s “Laakhon me ek” which also depicts the story of a young IIT aspirant struggling to get settled and mingle with the engineering environment. However, when the first episode of “Kota Factory” dropped in, it was not at all similar. This has a completely different story set in the coaching institutes of Kota in Rajasthan. TVF Kota Factory is India’s first black and white web series emphasizes to show the immense pressure and struggle of an IITian.

After 3 idiots movie, not every parent but some of them have cleared their mind from the confusion of letting their kids follow their passion and that is a success. But there are still some parents with orthodox mindset out there who want their child to be settled and live a happy life which according to them can only be achieved being in a nine to five jobs with Saturdays and Sundays off.

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Vaibhav and Vartika in TVF Kota Factory.

What TVF Kota Factory is about?

This show is based on the story of a 16-year-old student Vaibhav who has just cleared his Class 10 and his father made him join best IIT coaching institute of Kota. Unfortunately, the best IIT coaching institute has already been filled so he is forced to join another coaching institute preparing for IIT. There he meets Jeetu Bhaiya, an expert teacher of Physics, who motivates Vaibhav to work hard and do well in entrance exams. This surprising series from TVF presents Vaibhav’s journey of adjusting and becoming comfortable in the institute and how he meets the expectations.

I must say that TVF via this TV show has depicted the true struggle and impeccable insight of an IIT JEE aspirant. From the environment of engineering to face the problems, Kota Factory has all to learn.  The casting of TVF has always been interesting. This time also, there are characters who will make you feel like your own. Meena is one of the characters in the show which will make you laugh and fall for his own style. Understand the part that TVF Kota Factory is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not because of showing the harsh reality of engineering ecosystem of our country but because of its straightforwardness.

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What makes TVF Kota Factory so impressive?

Jeetu Bhaiya with Meena and Vaibhav in Kota Factory. TVF Kota Factory

TVF Kota Factory is now the highest rated TV show among all The Viral Fever has presented till date. The first season of the show has ended and Kota Factory has still maintained the IMDB rating of 9.4/ 10. There are many elements in the show which makes it a worth watch. Here are presented some of them –

  1. TVF Kota Factory is a fusion of brilliant script and powerful direction. Substantiality is what matters to TVF a lot and above all, channel knows what young India wants and it is definitely not SOTY 2 types of movies.
  2. Actors of the TVF’s show have always been the one with the strongest attitude. They make you feel connected to every situation of their life. Jitendra Kumar aka “Jeetu Bhaiya” never ever failed to impress me. He is one of the spectacular talent TVF has got.
  3. The quality of cinema is here. All you need to open your eyes and recognize it. I have seen many people complaining that India lacks quality cinema. Brother! You will only say this if you have not watched any TVF shows yet. They are on another level. Kota Factory like any other show of TVF represents the quality and reality at its best.
  4. Those who are in the actual rat race to get into best coaching class to crack IIT JEE will be able to understand the show deeply because they would be able to connect more to the show. Do not be afraid if you feel nostalgic because no one wants to remember that phase of life if there is no success.
  5. If you are on TVF’s channel and spending your precious data on streaming videos, you are expected to get something good in return. Kota Factory is not only good but the gem in the industry and the majority of people are loving it.

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Can’t wait for TVF Kota Factory Season 2

This first season of TVF Kota Factory has come to an end and I am really hoping to see the next season ASAP (hope they make it). The only complain of mine to TVF team is that they take too much time to bring the next season of any TV show. I am still waiting for the second season of my all-time favourite “Pitchers.” But on the other hand, writing a script to entice audience is not an overnight thing. It takes time to create magic.

Those who have not watched Kota Factory yet, please go and watch every episode of season one. All the episodes are available on the official Youtube channel of TVF and are absolutely free. Do not skip this black and white art which has many colours to offer.

Watch all TVF Kota Factory episodes

All the episodes of TVF Kota Factory are available on the official youtube channel of The Viral Fever aka TVF. The relatable young generation content is what we were expecting from so long and this is the chance. Now you have TV series like “Kota Factory” in which whatever you will see you feel it bona fide. There are total of five episodes in the first season. The best thing about this series is that it is available for free. You can binge watch all five episodes anytime anywhere on your device. I have provided all the episodes here in this article also to lessen your burden.

TVF Kota Factory Episode 1 “Inventory” – Watch Here

TVF Kota Factory Episode 2 “Assembly Line” – Watch Here

TVF Kota Factory Episode 3 “Optimization” – Watch Here

TVF Kota Factory Episode 4 “Shutdown” – Watch Here

TVF Kota Factory Episode 5 “Overhaul” Season Finale – Watch Here

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