Photograph Movie Review – When Campa meets Kulfi

Photograph Movie Review – There has always been a story behind every reason. You love something for a reason. You give importance to something special over something ordinary; it has a reason. Also, falling for someone has a reason. It doesn’t happen often but whenever it happens, it feels like magic. Love has an emotional touch, it has sensations, boundaries, and feelings. No one has control over how, when or whom you fall in love with but whenever you do you can precisely say that this is love because it is the feeling of one of its kind. Watching Photograph movie will make you feel the same way.

The love story does not always mean a lad falling in love with a girl. Their parents disagree, they escape. By reaching the climax, they get accepted by their parents and your screen pops up with the heart whelming note “And they lived happily ever after.” Not all the movies are like this. Not Photograph at least. Photograph movie is a love story of two strangers who may not love each other but have a connection of care. This article is a review of Photograph movie.

photograph movie

The storyline of Nawazuddin starrer movie

Rafique (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is a photographer at Gateway of India who convinces passersby to have their picture clicked. Rafique believes that memories may fade away but photographs don’t. They will appear as a souvenir when you look at them years from now.

One day he clicks the picture of Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) who is a shy introvert girl and actually interested in learning dance but her family expectations lead her to pursue CA. This is how they met for the first time. Rafique loves his grandmother more than anything.

When he got pressure from her to get married, he sends the picture of Miloni to his grandmother making her believe Miloni is his love interest. Now when grandmother proposes the wish to meet that girl, Rafique convinces Miloni to meet his grandmother and pose as his fiancée. Everything is connected they say.

If your fate is to meet again, you will meet that person again no matter what and this is what happened with both the leading souls of the movie. They meet again with a purpose. This movie is not a romantic but keepsake of two emotions in a form of Photograph which can be with you forever and will make you go nostalgic whenever you look at them.

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Photograph movie scene

Photograph Movie – Acting and Direction

We all know who Nawazuddin Siddiqui is, he is the one who has not been given any dialogues for his role in Badlapur movie and whatever he has delivered as dialogues in that movie he has given them all by himself. That is Nawaz. In the movie Photograph, you see a different version of his who is very calm, sensible and idealist of his granny.

I could never imagine him in this role but when I actually saw him portraying the role of a photographer who sells love and memories to the wanderers, I was surprised. The way he drew a picture of himself as Rafique is just brilliant and I have no words to judge his acting. Sanya Malhotra on the other hand in the role of a shy introvert girl who obeys all her parents’ concern rocks.

She looks innocent and beautiful and that is the loveliness of her role. Sanya is no more a “dhakad” girl of Dangal. She is more than that. Ritesh Batra has directed many movies so far but Photograph is his second movie in Bollywood. He has already made his presence by enticing the audience’s attention from “The Lunchbox” movie and we all know how wonderful that movie is.

In Photograph, the direction of Ritesh Batra is genuine and simple. This is the biggest factor why the movie swipes right into the heart of the audience. If we go by what romantic movies of Bollywood tells us, falling in love is as simple as anything in the world. You meet a girl, like her, proposes her. She agrees. You hear a melodious track in the background and that’s it. This was an ordinary example of romance.

But Ritesh Batra’s style of showcasing romance is different. In his movies, love does not happen overnight. It builds up to a slow pace and at the end, it forms to the fullest and emerges as a beautiful piece of art.

What makes Photograph movie a worth watch?

  • The photograph is not a love story but a story about two strangers with a connection that can only be felt if you know them. The soul of the movie is chemistry between the duo.
  • Surprisingly, despite having a non-romantic hero image, Nawazuddin Siddiqui successfully creates the spark with a female lead in his own style which is beyond judgment.
  • Photograph movie is something depicting the realness of a society, a struggle, a pressure, confusion and a connection which thrives with you. Have you ever tried feeling life through someone else’s experience? If not try reading a romantic novel and you will get the idea of what I am talking about.
  • Watching Photograph movie is like reading a book which grows with each chapter. We all know the ending but this is not the low-down. Instead, this becomes a predictable joy.

Photograph Movie

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There is one scene in the movie where Miloni and Rafique were watching a movie in a theatre. Miloni got out of the theatre without saying anything and Rafique seconds her. They both are now sitting on a plinth. Miloni asks Rafique “Why did you leave the movie in between”? He replies – “I know the story.” She asks again – “Have you watched it earlier”?

Rafique replies – “No. But every movie has the same story. The boy meets girl, they start knowing each other. They fall for each other and at the end, they get married.” Everything is quiet around. This scene has so much to say. The same story follows for these two also but will their story end likewise? To know that, you should go and watch this movie. Photograph movie is available on Amazon Prime.

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