Netflix’s New India Original Drama “Leila” is a Fiction of Reality

With the release of the trailer itself, I was wooed by the way Netflix’s new India Orginal “Leila” is presented and the theme it is based on. Until then, I did not know that a book named “Leila” was also been released in the year 2017 which went unnoticed and audience refused it completely. It was because the book carried the chapters which were more advanced than people’s understanding.

Leila is nothing like a narration which starts straight and has all the elements you as an audience wanted. It was disparate. Now the same book has been adapted as a TV series of Netflix, it is exciting to see what it has got. There are total six episodes in season one of Leila and they all are intriguing so much so you will be forced to binge watch all of them at once. This is a review of TV show Leila available on Netflix.

Netflix Original India. Leila Review
Netflix India Original “Leila” Review

Compelling Story line of Leila

Leila being a dystopian drama is set in an imaginary future world where Aryavarta and their rules are ruling the country. This Netflix series opens up with the scene where a family is spending happy and lovely time together in a swimming pool when goons of Aryavarta intrude and separate them.

Oh! Did I forget to tell you that in this era of the near future world, people are fighting for water and fresh air while Shalini and her husband are enjoying in the pool?

This is the reason why the stooges of Aryavarta got them so that they can be chastised. Another reason being, Shalini is a transgressor and she is sent to the facilities where everyone chants – “Mera janm hi Mera karm hai” – my birth is my fate.

The facility of Aryavarta is headed by Guru Ma. Here women are kept as hostages and have to pass the purity test only then they will be freed and sent back to their home.

Now Shalini must pass the test in order to escape from that camp and find her daughter. Amidst all these, she confronts with many of the realities.

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Arif Zakaria as Guru Ma in Leila. Leila Review
Arif Zakaria as Guru Ma in Leila

Huma Qureshi and Siddharth shines in this Dystopian Drama “Leila”

Huma Qureshi is carrying each episode of Leila on her shoulder. Her expressions are real and we as an audience actually feel the desperation of her rising with days to escape Aryavarta.

On the other hand, Bhanu played by Siddharth as one of Aryavarta’s labour camp guard is impressive and knockdowns with his acting where Arif Zakaria as Guru Ma is perfectly suitable for the role of an evil head.

He presents himself in a disgusting way and forces you to hate him to the fullest. Aryavarta is headed by Joshi played by Sanjay Suri. We see his posters and statues at many places but he never introduced himself in actual until the last episode unfolds. So cannot say much about his acting skills as he got nothing much to do here.

Edge of Seat Thrilled Direction of Leila

Rahul Khanna & Huma Qureshi in Leila. Leila Review
Rahul Khanna & Huma Qureshi in Leila

Leila in the first place feels like what the heck I am watching. The first two episodes will soak your head and make you go number. However, by the third episode, things begin making sense.

The technologies, pile of trash and a perfect dystopian world where communities are divided as per sectors which is separated by tall walls. Aryavarta is ruling the country and Doosh is being treated as a maggot. All these feel connected and near future seems more like coming present.

Leila is directed by Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman, and Pawan Kumar. They all have done a fantastic job in terms of presenting the story and the situation in a way how it should be presented. Creative liberty is also there in Leila but with wittiness.

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Final Verdict of Netflix India Original Leila

You can’t judge something you have not felt yourself. This is what Leila is all about. This drama is based on a distant future which is not very much different from the present situation. An interesting and never seen before the story has the power to hold the attention and entice the audience to watch this series.

Moreover, the top-notch acting and skilful direction is another reason to give this Netflix original India a chance. Those who have hard feelings for Hinduism are warned to watch this drama as I have seen many of the comments on IMDB stating this is another anti-Hindu propaganda hurting the sentiments of Hindu.

Some people are not accepting that in a distant future, India can be a totalitarian country. By watching Leila, you will surely think and feel that somehow the reality would be the same in the coming days and how we would be responsible for it.

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