Kabir Singh Movie Review – Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani’s movie is an outright entertainer

Kabir Singh is a new angle love story which Bollywood has always missed. In the era of whitewashing old cliché storyline and packing it in a new bottle before delivering it to the audience, Sandeep Reddy Vanga comes in play and rescued the dying spirit of love. How an unfinished love leads a man to live a self-destructive life in a gruesome manner? You will find the answer to this in the movie Kabir Singh.

Kabir Singh is Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s first Bollywood Directorial

When Sandeep Reddy Vanga two years back directed his debut movie “Arjun Reddy”, he did not know this will become a cult classic and live with people for years. I am sure the success of “Arjun Reddy” induced him to remake the movie in Hindi for north Indian audience so they too can know his sweet gesture for this toxic love story.

The run time of the movie is close to 3 hours so it will take time to understand the character and essence of the movie but once you get used to it, Kabir will rule in your brain. Kabir Singh movie hit the theatres on 21 June 2019 and here is the honest movie review for everyone.

Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh movie

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Kabir Singh has a same storyline and screenplay as Arjun Reddy

The story begins where Shahid Kapoor is shown as a sex greedy person who is lusting after someone to have sex with. The moment he slips into the recollection of past story intoxicated, the movie makes sense. Here we find that Kabir Singh is a college topper with impeccable academic records but have anger issues.

He doesn’t have control over it. He is asked to tender an apology because of getting into a tiff with his opponent on Football ground or else he has to leave the college. Kabir chooses the second option in his self-respect but changes his mind the minute he saw a new girl Preeti in the college. He instantly gets connected to her.

After spending some time together, Preeti too starts enjoying Kabir’s company and understands the soft corner of him for her. They both are now madly yet badly in love with each other. As romance grows, they come closer to each other.

Their love story takes a dire turn when the father of the girl go against Kabir Singh’s behaviour and turn down their love ship to flourish. Father doesn’t stop here, he makes Preeti go marry his friend’s son. This incident breaks the Kabir and Devdas of new Era forms. What happens further is the rest of the story of the movie?

Shahid Kapoor is impeccable in and as Kabir Singh

In real life, Shahid Kapoor is a naïve teetotaler but the way he has given the unsettled performance of being a problematic guy who always flies off the handle, drinks and intoxicates himself with many chemicals is just par excellence.

Shahid slips into the role of an angry young man who worships his profession and does not tolerate the unfounded matters rocks the role. This proves why he is known as an insanely talented actor in the Bollywood industry.

Kabir Singh rises in Shahid from start to finish. Call him a womanizer, abuser or a reckless lover, it is up to you but if Shahid is on screen and he is told to play a character, this is what we all expect from this powerhouse of talent.

Kiara Advani, on the other hand, is a cute, shy girl who I think no shyer once become familiar with Kabir Singh’s style. In most of the part of movies, she is silent and does not talk much but whenever she comes, you see the innocent beauty all over the screen.

The chemistry of both the leading pairs does not let movie stop anywhere except at some points in the second half which seems little stretched. Kabir Singh has a friend named Shiva played by Soham Majumadar who supports him in his ups and downs of life.

No matter what, he always stands beside and hold up with him. Acting of Shiva as Kabir’s friend is phenomenal and we love Soham for being honest to his character.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Direction in Kabir Singh hits the Bull’s Eye

Sandeep Reddy Vanga is the director of both the movies Arjun Reddy as well as Kabir Singh. So while watching Kabir Singh movie, the audience in most of the scenes will feel the influence of Sandeep’s previous romantic movie. Sandeep Reddy’s this movie breaks the forms of stereotypical love story audience are now bored of watching.

Shahid Kapoor’s this movie is not just about being drunk every time and enjoying two cigarettes at one time, it is a story of a person who has lost himself in the souvenir of the one whom he loves to the fullest. This movie is likeable to the audience which despite little long run time wins the audience’s hoot and whistle.

The pace of the movie slows down in the second half and the destruction of the male protagonist hints monotonous ride of heartbreak but if you bear up with this insane doctor, you will have more love for him by reaching the climax.

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani in Kabir Singh movie

Kabir Singh Movie Review – Final Verdict

Kabir Singh stays true to the fans and its original story. Shahid Kapoor has proved what he is capable of and the only actor in the industry who can experiment with his roles without crying over the results. Kabir Singh is for the mature audience because those who think it is of toxic masculinity and a misogynistic act are barely mature enough to understand the context of the scenes.

The music of the movie is on everyone’s lips and this is no surprise why we are celebrating the love of modern era with songs like “Bekhayali” and “Tumhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum.” So for me, this rebellious story of Kabir Singh is a welcome change for all movie fanatics. It celebrates the heartbreak in own style of Kabir Singh.

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