Dead Silence Movie Plot Explained

Dead Silence Movie Plot Explained – It was always about the ventriloquist Mary Shaw. Dead Silence is one of the movies which is brilliantly made. Everything in this movie is so over the top that it really feels like watching a horror movie with humour. James Wan is the director of the movie and he plotted the whole thing in the movie so well that it leaves the audience speechless yet with many questions at the end. Dead Silence Movie is in my top 10 horror movie list.

It would not be wrong if I say that Dead Silence is the perfect blend of horror suspense. There were rumours in earlier days that James Wan is planning to bring the sequel of the movie however, it never happened. This article is about explaining the overall story of Dead Silence movie from start to finish. So without wasting any time, let’s get into the movie and see what Dead Silence was about and how it ended.

Dead Silence Horror Movie – Synopsis

Dead Silence tells the story of a husband (Jamie) on a hunt to find the background of the doll Billy which he thinks the reason for the murder of his wife (Lisa). He goes to the Raven’s Fair town where the urban legend of ventriloquist Mary Shaw is famous who used to make the perfect dolls. Leading the investigation, Jamie suspects that the spirit of Mary Shaw is behind the murder of his wife.

Now he finds out all about Mary Shaw and the reason why she killed his wife which reveals another shocking story Jamie never had thought of? This is what the synopsis of the movie is. It would be a spoiler if I say anything more about the movie.

Those who have not watched the “Dead Silence” movie yet should leave the article right here and watch the movie because the upcoming content contains spoiler and you cannot blame me, I did not warn you. So read at your own risk.

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Dead Silence Horror Movie Plot Explained (Contains Spoiler)

Dead Silence Movie. Jamie Ashen in Dead Silence Movie
  • Jamie Ashen and his wife Lisa are a happily married couple. The movie starts with Lisa receiving an unknown gift which had a doll named “Billy.”
  • Jamie has gone to bring some food from the restaurant meanwhile, Lisa while playing with doll caught by a mysterious figure forces her to scream and then she dies.
  • When Jamie return home, he sees her wife lying dead. Detective Lipton was called to investigate the case and put Jamie into the custody in charge of murdering his wife.
  • But Jamie soon gets released due to lack of evidence. He gets home and investigates the box in which Billy doll was gifted. There he found about Mary Shaw a deceased ventriloquist from his hometown Raven’s Fair.
  • Jamie visits to Raven’s fair to his father Edward who is not well and on a wheelchair. Jamie’s stepmother Ella takes care of his father.  He visits there to get some information about Mary Shaw but failed.
  • Now Jamie heads to fulfil the funeral of Lisa with the help mortician named Henry. Henry’s wife Marion warns him to not say the name of Mary Shaw and her puppets.
  • Now Henry tells Jamie about the incident took place 70 years ago when Mary Shaw was alive.
  • Mary Shaw was a puppeteer who used to do stage shows. During one of her shows, she was booed by a young boy Michael who caught her moving her lips while performing for her puppet Billy.
  • This one did not go well with Mary Shaw and she killed the boy and turned him into a dummy. The family of the boy lynched Mary Shaw.
  • Henry saw Mary rising up from the dead but he kept his mouth shut. Mary Shaw kills only those who scream. Jamie gets to know about Mary’s theatre.
  • Jamie with Detective Lipton goes to Shaw’s theatre where they found that 100 of the dolls lined up with Michael’s body.
  • There Shaw confronts to Jamie that she killed his wife because she was pregnant with his son and she could not spare anyone from the Ashen family who was responsible for her death.
  • Mary’s last wish was to get buried along with her 101 puppets after being turned into a dummy. Jamie then burns the whole theatre containing 100 puppets along with Billy who is a perfect doll according to Jamie.
  • He returns to his father’s residency where he encounters the shocking truth of his life.
  • Actually, the father of Jamie was never alive, he was dead long ago and was controlled by Ella stepmother of Jamie.
  • Ella is actually a perfect doll created by Mary Shaw and she is living inside her. Jamie then screams Ella’s name and gets possessed by Mary Shaw.

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Dead Silence Horror Movie – Unanswered Questions

Dead Silence Move Unanswered Questions

Why Mary Shaw killed Jamie’s wife Lisa?

Lisa was pregnant with Jamie’s son. Jamie is the successor of the Ashen family, the same family was responsible for the death of Mary Shaw. This is the reason she killed Lisa so no members of the Ashen family can be spared. She has also killed Jamie’s father long ago and was living inside him.

Who is the perfect doll in Dead Silence?

Jamie’s stepmother Ella who was taking care of his father was actually a perfect doll Mary created long ago before dying. Ella was the one who was perfectly managing Jamie’s dead father unbeknownst to anyone. Mary created an amazing doll she ever wanted to be.

Why Jamie was killed at the end of the movie?

When Jamie was in theatre, he burnt all the dolls which were inside that theatre however, he did not know that his stepmother is left to be killed who was the perfect doll operating his father. Mary Shaw was living inside her. Jamie’s failure to kill the last doll turned out the reason for his death.

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