Bharat Movie Review – An unrelieved journey of a man and a nation together

Bharat Movie Review – When the movie of Salman Khan is about to release, it is nothing less than a festival in India. Moreover, fans find a purpose to solemnize twice on the same day. Salman Khan’s latest released Bharat is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. This has high hopes with the audience in terms of winning their heart and also of breaking records on the box office.

Before getting further into the review, I need to inscribe you about it being a remake of the Korean movie “Ode to My Father.” Ali Abbas Zafar with some minor changes to serve, tried managing it in Salman Khan Style so that it can count among Indian audience. The movie is directed by “Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai” fame Ali Abbas Zafar. This article will provide an honest Bharat Movie Review so that you can decide if it is worth spending approx. 2.5 hours in theatres or not.

Bharat Movie. Bharat Movie Review. Salman Khan in Bharat movie.

Storyline of Bharat movie

Bharat movie narrates the story of India’s state of affairs after it got Independent. The oddity of the movie lies in telling the story from the perspective of a common man who played the title and person himself. The story is set up in different era from Bharat’s (played by Salman Khan) springtime time to old days. In terms of story, Bharat will make you giggle, emotional and whistle on sequences at some point but still, it gives the feeling like watching earlier Salman Khan Movies which has family touch in them.

The emotional ride somewhere looks tedious not because of cliché storyline but because the way it is narrated. Everything seems to rush. The audience gets confused about which era’s story they are watching now because the age of Salman Khan looks almost the same. The journey of Bharat from the 1940s to 2010s looks forced upon the audience.

How is the performance of stars

This is the first time when Disha Patni is sharing screen space with Salman Khan and she is looking extremely gorgeous. No one can deny the role opposite to Salman Khan, not everyone is Priyanka Chopra. At least not then when your career has just started. This is what Disha became the victim of. She did not have much role in the movie but whatever she got, she played it wisely. Salman Khan in Bharat also enters as a superhero with cheered and whistled sequences.

Salman Khan in Bharat movie except Bharat gives the feeling of everything, Pandey Ji from Dabangg and Tiger from Ek Tha Tiger & Tiger Zinda Hai. Katrina Kaif as Kumud impresses here this time with her improved acting. Her chemistry here looks stunning with Salman as usual. What came as a surprise to me here is the role of Sunil Grover as Vilayati. He is the best partner of Bharat. Sunil Grover does complete justice and leaves you souled with his acting skills

Bharat Movie. Bharat Movie Review. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in Bharat movie.

Bharat Movie Review – Direction

Bharat movie is directed by Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai fame Ali Abbas Zafar. He knows the nerves of Salman Khan well and now has become acquainted with what he is good at. Salman’s Larger than life image has been perfectly shown and shot by Ali Abbas Zafar. Presenting the blend of emotions and actions is balanced by Zafar. While he manages to hold the excitement of the audience till the climax but there are many happenings in the movie which could have been better. Too many time leaps do not go well with the audience. The makeup of Salman for a different era and above all, showing him in the early ’20s was something director could have paid heed.

Bharat Movie Review – Final Verdict and Rating

A movie which swipes right into the heart of the audience is a good movie. If I go with this, every movie of Salman Khan is a good movie because this star has a huge fan base and stardom. The emotional part of the movie Bharat has the capacity to entice the audience but the audience should be aware of how Salman Khan Movie unfolds. If you loved earlier movies by Ali Abbas Zafar, you will fall in love with this Bharat because it has everything to offer.

However, the length of the movie here can be the only culprit with very cringe-worthy national anthem moment which seems forced. If the editing could have done wisely, the movie will blockbuster written on it all over. This was my review on movie Bharat. Please don’t forget to share what you guys think about this movie. My final verdict for Bharat movie would be –

Current IMDB Rating – 5.8/10
My Rating – 2.5/5

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Bharat Movie Trailer – Watch Here

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